Co-Owner of CATCH Photography

Melissa was raised in Rhode Island and is currently based in South Florida. Completed her undergrad at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. She has been working in the professional hospitality & tourism industry for over 7 years.
Melissa has a passion for photography. Her goal is to always find the perfect picture and catch you at your favorite angle — whether it’s a larger event or an intimate setting. She’ll capture your best moments candidly as if you were laughing on command. Ask for amazing photos and you will receive!

Melissa St. Jacques

David Kleinow

Co-Owner of CATCH Photography

David was born and raised in south Florida but has spent the last 9 years traveling the world photographing its beauty while simultaneously working in the tourism industry where he befriended Melissa.

David has years of experience capturing everything from newborns to weddings, is an expert in artificial lighting, and post process editing. He is incredibly creative and will work tirelessly to give you breathtaking results that will keep you smiling for years to come!


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